SlashClocks in Motion is a percussion quartet.
We are creators of contemporary indie classical music.


We are a percussion quartet from Madison, Wisconsin, bringing you new music from living composers, classical repertoire from the 20th century, and experimental sounds with hand made instruments. We seek to inspire new audiences, educate people within the percussive and musical arts, and generate meaningful lasting collaborations with composers and other artists.



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SlashNew Music

Whether it’s working with composers, visual artists, writers, or dancers, Clocks in Motion continually collaborates with creative people to develop meaningful projects in our ever-changing world. It is our belief that successful collaborations are based in deep personal connections. Each concert season, Clocks in Motion premieres a number of brand new works by living composers and presents them alongside the great classical percussion compositions of the 20th century. Performing, creating, presenting, and advocating for the music of our time is our calling.


SlashNew Audiences

Building, maintaining, and mobilizing new active supporters for new music and percussion is central to our mission. We Introduce people of all ages to our unique musical and artistic vision through interactive performances, masterclasses, collaborative performances, and presentations. We have age-specific programs and workshops designed for preschool students through college-aged and professional percussionists alike. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s audiences.



Clocks in Motion has a growing collection of hundreds of percussion instruments. Our instrumentarium and rehearsal space serves as a powerful inspiration and resource for composers and the development of new experimental music. Besides collecting a standard array of manufactured percussion instruments, Clocks in Motion has an interest in building and developing our own unique instruments. Our sixxen, galvitone, aquarion, and quarimba expand our ability to provide composers and audiences new experiences.





SlashNew Sounds

Our debut album, Escape Velocity is available for purchase below. Please listen/watch our free samples.



©  2020  Clocks in Motion. All rights reserved. Photography by Paul Pearson.

©  2020  Clocks in Motion. All rights reserved. Photography by Paul Pearson.

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