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The Collectors Set with Jeannine Shinoda reviewed on the The Well-Tempered Ear blog“[Clocks in Motion’s] strength of commitment and musical integrity is such that the enthusiastic audience is drawn into the fabric of even the most outwardly implausible works”

The Isthmus – Our performance of Steve Reich’s Drumming made the most memorable moments of 2014.

Wisconsin State Journal – Read this great Sunday Arts feature about Clocks in Motion!

The Well-Tempered Ear – “Totally immersive, hypnotic, and utterly enthralling…perhaps they are powerful enough to challenge the rituals of concert music.”

Isthmus – “…Clocks have performed ‘Pleiades’ at universities across the country, and it has come to represent their fearless approach to complex repertoire.”

Cleveland Classical – “Nothing short of remarkable…truly amazing…uncanny precision.”

An article from ConnectVerona.com about our educational session and concert at the Rhapsody Arts Center.

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